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  • First of all ensure you are on Podman version 5, as otherwise the .pod files will not work as it was just very recently added.

    Then it should be Pod=backup.pod in the container file.

    And AFAIK the .pod file also needs an section like this:

    # Start by default on boot

    After a systemctl daemon-reload the corresponding .service file will be called backup-pod.service.

    If it fails to start you can do a journalctl -e -u backup-pod.service to see the error message.

  • It is true that if you need a lot of space at some point 3.5" are going to be more efficient per GB, but usually people don’t need hundreds of terabyte storage in a home NAS.

    For normal applications in a home NAS that mostly sits idle, 2.5" drives run at about 1W and most are design to be able to be powered by normal USB, meaning 2.5W max.

    3.5" drives on the other hand are usually designed for datacenter use, where power efficiency is a low priority and they usually take 5-10W in normal operation and and easily 15W when spinning up.