Ce să vă zic, mă, bine ați venit? bine ați venit, rău ați nimerit. La locu’ ăsta îi zice șerpărie, de la șerpii care umblă pe-aicea. Dracu’ știe cum au ajuns…

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  • For political issues, you should petition governments directly on issues.

    Not sure if this is a great alternative. This is a thing that is totally dependent from country to country. In my country, there is no such platform that I’m aware of (on the local or national level at least. Ok, I may petition the EU, but they may just have no responsibility into my matters).

    Many institutions do have email addresses though, and if, for example, you have a website, you can write an email template and point to an institution where people could send that email. Even that I don’t know how feasible it could be, but it could be more doable in more parts of the world, I think.

    Otherwise, for Romania there is declic.ro, a platform owned by an NGO who relies solely on donations to run it, and also runs its own campaigns.

  • @hedge Right now, most Fediverse projects are analogies of their centralized counterparts, albeit with some differences (e.g. you can add a title to Friendica posts, but not on the Facebook ones. You can add inline media to Friendica posts and comments, on Facebook you can’t etc.), so you can take that in a way. A short answer to your question would be the one in the first comment of the post:

    Interaction between Lemmy and Mastodon doesn’t work well because the two services structure their content differently. Lemmy is community based and Mastodon is user based. Lemmy doesn’t have a mechanism to follow an individual user, and Mastodon doesn’t have an analog to communities (afaik).

    With the addition that you can follow Fediverse groups on Mastodon, but you cannot create Fediverse groups on Mastodon (as Mastodon itself doesn’t have any group feature). If you’re not looking into creating and admining groups yourself, then you can safely consider Mastodon. Otherwise, you can pick Friendica, Kbin, Mbin or Hubzilla (among others). In fact, this is how I see this very post on Friendica.

    Also, btw, Pixelfed is also adding support for groups.