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  • The conclusion has absolutely nothing to do with what you previously wrote …


    Women and men shooters performed separately but equally in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics in “static” rifle shooting modalities. Men were superior in “dynamic” (i.e., moving target) shooting events. In the newly formed “mixed” team events (one male and one female shooters competing alongside) these performance patterns were maintained and the mixed gender competitive environment did not impede women’s performance beyond. Supported by earlier research [29,30] we endorse the proposition that in future Games, “gender unified” events should be held for the “static” rifle shooting modalities.

  • The problem is that fundamentally there are differences within the genders that favour one competitor over another.

    Take Michael Phelps – “Michael Phelps’s height, wingspan, and large hands and feet give him an advantage in swimming. His body also produces less lactic acid than his rivals, which shortens his recovery time.” According to that he should have been disqualified from competing as his body was fundamentally different from his competitors.Yet he was glorified for his achievements even though he had an edge nobody else had.

    Herein lies the biggest issue … trans people are disqualified for the simple reason nobody in power wants to deal with them, so the anti-trans movement wins again.

  • Tbh I’ve had more issues with male physicians than female (a couple with female, dozens with male), ie: pulled my ACL off the bone at work but was told that women don’t hurt themselves badly, so all ok. Took them 6 months to give me a scope and clean the mess in my knee, then another 2 months before I got the ACL replaced (by an utter fucking idiot who put it in the wrong position).

    It failed 14 months later (same job), took 8 months to get an MRI, & waited 16 months for a second replacement.

    Took seeing multiple different physicians (all male) and 20 yrs before they finally MRI’d my torn rotator cuff (same job) and it finally got fixed 2 years ago … when I was in my early-mid 60s.

    3 years ago a newish-to-me gyno didn’t bother doing an ultrasound and found out mid-surgery (for uterine polyps) that my uterus is tipped completely upside down towards my tailbone. I had 4 nurses holding my hands trying to talk me through that pain, and when it was done and I was walking down the hallway, the gyno was running after me apologizing.

    Every time it was a male Dr. whose arrogance trumped patient care.

    Every. Fucking. Time.