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  • TheAnonymouseJoker@lemmy.mltoLinux@lemmy.mlHow bad is Microsoft?
    10 hours ago

    As far as humanity goes, Microsoft and OpenAI might turn out to be the worst companies on earth with the Clearview database being fed to Boston Dynamics war robots and US military goggles. Due to these companies, USA could effectively genocide the entire world as they see fit. This makes the doings of Google and Apple look like a joke in comparison. However, Apple has damaged the society itself via creating capitalism brand cults and teaching this strategy to other brands, entities and people. So Apple has also done horrific things. Google and Apple smartphone generated metadata is regularly used by CIA to commit genocide and assassinations of Muslims and other people.

    In short, Western Big Tech and all of NATO/Anglosphere is a big evil for rest of humanity.

  • social democrat says something critical of the CCP

    You mean the same ones that support their western establishment and its narratives? Or the anti-China/Russia rhetoric that CIA, Bilderberg, USAID and Murdoch invent and push, that these socdems also help in pushing? Such people can never be aligned ultimately, and are subservient to western empire.

    You think Bernie supporting the bombing of Yugoslavia was a one off incident? Name one US president that has not been a warmongerer.

    I do not want the likes of Bernie, Vaush, Destiny, Keffals and such clowns to be representative of, and make the Left a populist thing.

  • I have never seen a good enough answer for it, so I will take a shot today.

    Is it possible to use Windows without Registry .reg hacks?

    Is it possible to use Windows without pirated software?

    Is it possible to use Windows without a solid antimalware solution?

    The level of difficulty with Linux and Windows is similar. We find Windows easier only because:

    • educational institutions indoctrinate us with using it since we are kids
    • games and their cracks work seamlessly on Windows, the most important form of entertainment for people upto 25-30 years age
    • Windows upto 7 actually did far too much to make the UX great, something at which neither MacOS nor Linux distros succeeded at. The first Linux distro to make strides was Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with GNOME2, where I started my journey.