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  • Alrighty let’s learn some vocab

    POTS lines, aka plain old telephone system, are what you’re referring to when you say landlines

    When you’re calling off of Wi-Fi, most of the time you’re using a technology called VoLTE- Voice over LTE, which still functions on top of TCP/IP

    The difference that matters here is the VoIP and VoLTE, as well as Wi-Fi calling are all digital protocols over TCP/IP networks.

    If you really wanna get specific, most digital phone systems use protocols called Telephony, and SIP(session initiation protocol)

  • Alright, update. Took me two tries to beat it with randoms, wasn’t as bad as I expected. Gatling sentry puts in the WORK. I ran Gatling sentry, auto cannon sentry, cluster bomb and EATS.

    For extract I threw down my Gatling and stayed near it, prone. That negated most of the problems from the flybois and let me focus on taking down chargers. Autocannon sentry worked wonders on the biles, just gotta get the placement.

    I also had some good team mates so I’m sure that helped. I had the second most kills at 234 and the top was 245