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  • We’re lucky that the SBC space has gotten really solid over the last couple years. ARM-based, X86-based, and even some RISC-V systems.

    The PI isn’t the only only game in town now, and actually gets beat in several different applications depending on use case.

    As shareholder value and line-must-go-up takes over the company culture, progress and innovation will happen more and more in the hands of companies and orgs that actually care about their product’s quality and features.

    Still disappointing though, the Pi was my first introduction to IoT and low power computing.

  • Wild for sure. It’s pretty clear that M$ isn’t interested in making their OS anything more than a portal for their cloud products.

    The overall percentage of revenue that Windows produces for them directly has been steadily shrinking for years while their Azure and cloud services/licensing has grown dramatically.

    I guess it makes sense from that perspective. Call me old fashioned, but I still prefer my OS to be a platform for me to compute locally on and use as I see fit. Not be a bloated ad-ridden portal to a walled garden of proprietary web software.

    Windows has gotten so bad in the last year or so, that I’ve actually started telling people, “Try Linux, but if that doesn’t work for you, just go with Apple.”

    Both are scummy, evil mega corps that try to lock you into their platform forever. But at least with Apple, the cage is 24K gold with a little cushion, and you’re fed avocado toast & kombucha.

    Windows is a rusty, filthy prison cell where the guards randomly come in to rough you up and you’re fed a steady diet of stale bread heels and gruel.

  • First few months in IT? Welcome to hell…

    I’m kidding (mostly), I’m in IT also and if you’re in for even a few years, you’ll start to build a collection of horror stories like this one. We’ve all seen things you wouldn’t believe.

    So you need to have full buy-in from the owners. If you’re able to talk directly to them, then it sounds like this isn’t a huge company. If you clearly explain in a professional way to the owners the situation with documentation and they don’t fully support you, leave the company asap.

    As somebody who has been involved in multiple ransomware recoveries, trust me…you don’t ever want to deal with a rogue unsecured machine on the network. And owners that don’t care or take that risk seriously are absolute fools and this will only be the tip of the iceberg of stupidity.

    That computer is a ticking time bomb. Please for the love of God tell me that your boss doesn’t have local admin rights on his system.

    If the only thing your boss uses that system for is to connect to a web app to manage inventory, why is he mad about switching from windows 7? Does he just like how windows 7 looks visually?

    I guess it doesn’t really matter. Also, windows 10 isn’t a long term solution because it also goes EoL next year in October, so you’ll be in this same position in less than 2 years.

    You can either go to Windows 11, or if you wanna be a little wild, install a Linux distro like Mint on there and theme it like Windows 7. You solve the security problem and he gets to pretend he’s still in the early 2010’s.

    Honestly though, start looking for another job if the owners don’t support you 100%. IT is already a stressful and intense enough job, you don’t need stubborn idiots like your boss to add flavor.

  • And to add to this, if you want another overlay network solution like Tailscale that is fully Open source, Netbird is something to check out.

    Lawrence Systems has some vids on their product, fully self-hostable 1st party control plane and Foss clients. Newer, smaller, not as well supported as Tailscale, but solid enough for homelabs and small biz solutions from what I’ve seen/read.

    I’ve messed with both and each has their own strengths. Both solutions are really awesome though. Unless you need really high network performance, I feel like overlay networks are the way to go. Soooo much easier to setup and maintain than traditional ipsec tunnels or even OpenVPN firewall configs and manual routes.