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  • It’s very easy to read Billy Butcher as a right wing reactionary vigilante, because he’s written as a caricature of an 80s/90s action hero.

    It’s easy to read Homelander as a Woke, Soy, Cucked establishment liberal because - early on - that’s exactly the role he fills.

    The show has gone downhill as the (relatively thin) subtlety in the narrative has worn away. By season 4, they were all but branding “Good Guy” and “Bad Guy” on people’s heads, in a show that originally did at least pretend to struggle with morality in what amounts to a guerrilla war.

    That’s before you get into the compulsive need to make gross out humor the Cruz of every episode.

  • KGB and CIA agents are sharing drinks at a bar.

    CIA turns to KGB and says, “I’ve got to hand it to you. The Russians have some of the best propagandists in the business. I’m always amazed at what you can convince people to believe.”

    KGB smiles wryly and retorts, “Ah, but nobody is better at telling lies than the Americans. You’ve got your whole country fooled.”

    The CIA agent spits out his drink and turns to his Russian counterpart, “What are you talking about? There’s no propaganda in America.”

    The KGB agent breaks out laughing.

  • …then the original saying doesn’t apply, does it?

    And that’s the million dollar question. I’m not arguing the perfect should be the enemy of the good. I’m questioning how much “good” I get by aligning myself with a fundamentally bad dude. Biden’s played this bait-and-switch game before, and there’s a real reason to believe 2025 Joe Biden won’t be willing or able to deliver on his 5% rent cap promise. In exchange, what is he asking you to give up?

    An hour of your life in line to vote on election day? A small recurring donation to his campaign? A week block-walking your neighborhood to canvas for him? Three months volunteering to work for his reelection campaign?

    Presidential elections aren’t cheap. I have to wonder what would happen if all the money and manpower pouring into Biden’s coffers was simply directed towards Habitat For Humanity instead. Would we get more bang for our bucks?